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Frankel Tutors – Quality Tuition Classes SG

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Frankel Tutors
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Frankel Tutors – Quality Tuition Classes SG

Company Name: Frankel Tutors
Company UEN: 201432242G
Company Service Category: Tuition Centre

Founded in 1996, Frankel Tutors has established itself as a leading tuition centre in Singapore, providing high-quality education within a small group setting. With a focus on primary and secondary education, Frankel Tutors offers a range of subjects including Mathematics, Science, and Languages. The centre transitioned to fully online classes in November 2021, continuing to deliver effective and engaging lessons to students.

Tuition Classes

Services Offered

1. Primary School Tuition:
Frankel Tutors offers tuition for primary school students, covering key subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science. The curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation and prepare students for PSLE.

2. Secondary School Tuition:
The centre provides comprehensive tuition for secondary school students, including Express, NA, and O-Level preparation. Subjects offered include English, Chinese, E-Math, A-Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

3. PSLE & O-Level Preparation:
Specialized programs are available for PSLE and O-Level students, focusing on exam techniques, practice papers, and intensive revision to ensure success.

4. Online Learning:
All classes are conducted online, utilizing interactive tools and platforms to provide an engaging and effective learning experience. The online format offers flexibility and accessibility for students.

Frankel Tutors is a premier tuition centre in Singapore, offering comprehensive and effective tuition services for primary and secondary students. With a focus on quality education and personalized support, Frankel Tutors helps students achieve their academic goals through engaging online classes. Whether preparing for PSLE or O-Levels, students benefit from the centre's experienced teachers and well-structured programs.

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