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Luxury Scent Products and Services by Scent by SIX

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Scent by SIX
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Luxury Scent Products and Services by Scent by SIX

Company Name: Scent by SIX

Company UEN: 201431333D

Company Service Category: Scent Products and Services

Luxury Scent Products Scent by SIX is a premier fragrance brand based in Singapore, dedicated to enhancing well-being through the power of scent. The company offers a wide range of high-quality scent products, including perfumes, reed diffusers, nebulizers, and essential oils. Scent by SIX is committed to creating luxurious and sophisticated fragrance experiences that transform everyday spaces into relaxing sanctuaries.

Luxury Scent Products

Luxury Scent Products by Scent by SIX:

  1. Perfumes:
    • A diverse collection of perfumes designed to evoke different moods and emotions.
    • Signature scents such as 27°F Biei, Hikaru, and 2065 Ujong.
  2. Reed Diffusers:
    • Elegant reed diffuser gift sets that provide long-lasting fragrance for homes and offices.
    • Scents include tranquil and serene options like 27°F Biei and Hikaru.
  3. Nebulizers:
    • Stylish nebulizers available in bamboo and metallic designs.
    • Portable mini nebulizers perfect for in-car or workstation use.
    • Prices range from $80.00 to $296.00.
  4. Scent Sprays & Pillow Mist:
    • Soothing pillow mists such as "Care to Sleep Better" for a restorative sleep experience.
    • Scent sprays designed to refresh and rejuvenate any space.
  5. Aroma Essence & Essential Oils:
    • High-quality aroma essences and essential oils starting from $24.00.
    • Special promotions such as a free 10ml Aroma Essence with purchases of Bamboo or Metallic Nebulizers.
  6. Scent Tags:
    • Convenient scent tags for adding fragrance to smaller spaces like cars and closets.
  7. Workshops and Private Label/OEM:
    • Engaging workshops for creating personalized scents.
    • Private label and OEM services for businesses looking to develop custom fragrance products.
  8. Gifting and Engraving:
    • Personalized gifting options with engraving services for scent atomizers.
    • Special gift sets and vouchers available for purchase.

Pricing: Pricing for products at Scent by SIX varies depending on the item selected. Perfumes start from $66.00, reed diffusers from $48.00, and nebulizers range from $80.00 to $296.00. The company also offers promotions and discounts, such as free shipping for orders over $20 within Singapore. For specific pricing details, it is recommended to visit their website or contact the company directly.

Scent by SIX is a leading provider of luxury scent products and services in Singapore. With a wide range of offerings, including perfumes, reed diffusers, nebulizers, and essential oils, Scent by SIX enhances well-being through the power of fragrance. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, along with a skilled team, makes them a trusted choice for anyone looking to elevate their scent experience.


Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #L1-KIO-06, S188021
+65 8860 5866

Mon to Thu: 11am–9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 10.30am–9.30pm

50 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-K01, S608549
+65 8020 5701

Mon to Fri: 11am–9.30pm
Sat to Sun: 10.30am–9.30pm

1 HarbourFront Walk, #B1-08, S098585
+65 8020 5708

Mon to Thu: 11am–9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 10.30am–9.30pm

313 Orchard Rd, #B2-30, S238895
+65 8020 4313

11am–9pm daily

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