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Noise Plaster – Soundproof Windows & Doors SG

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Noise Plaster – Soundproof Windows & Doors SG

Company Name: Noise Plaster Pte Ltd
Company UEN: 201802428R
Company Service Category: Soundproofing Solutions

Established in 2016, Noise Plaster offers advanced soundproofing solutions in Singapore. Specializing in soundproof windows and doors, the company aims to enhance comfort and privacy for both residential and commercial properties. Their commitment to innovation and quality ensures effective noise reduction tailored to client needs.

Services Offered

1. Soundproof Windows:
Noise Plaster’s soundproof windows reduce external noise significantly, creating a peaceful indoor environment. They utilize advanced materials and technology for optimal noise isolation.

2. Soundproof Doors:
Providing soundproof doors that block noise from inside and outside, ideal for homes, offices, and studios.

3. Custom Soundproofing Solutions:
Tailored solutions for unique requirements, ensuring maximum noise reduction for any space.

Mission: To provide high-quality soundproofing solutions that enhance comfort and privacy in residential and commercial spaces. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Vision: To be recognized as the leading provider of soundproofing solutions in Singapore, known for quality and exceptional service.

Noise Plaster excels in providing effective soundproofing solutions in Singapore. Their range of products and commitment to quality ensure optimal noise reduction tailored to client needs. For soundproof windows, doors, or custom solutions, Noise Plaster is the go-to choice for achieving peace and quiet.

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