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Zenith Education Studio – Leading Tuition Services Provider in Singapore

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Zenith Education Studio
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Zenith Education Studio – Leading Tuition Services Provider in Singapore

Zenith Education Studio, established in 2019, has rapidly become a cornerstone in the Singaporean education landscape. Founded with the mission to empower students to reach their peak potential, Zenith has garnered trust from over 10,000 students. The institution prides itself on providing top-quality, holistic education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on the overall well-being of its students. Zenith offers a diverse selection of courses tailored for both A-level and O-level students, ensuring that each learner receives the support they need to excel.


Company Services:

Zenith Education Studio provides a wide range of tuition services for both Junior College (JC) and Secondary School students. Their offerings include:

  • JC Mathematics
  • JC Biology
  • JC Chemistry
  • JC Economics
  • JC General Paper
  • JC Physics
  • Secondary School English
  • Secondary School Science
  • Secondary Math (Lower Sec Math, Upper Sec E Math, Upper Sec A Math)
  • Upper Sec Chemistry
  • Upper Sec Physics

Each of these courses is designed to cater to the specific needs of students, helping them to grasp complex concepts, improve their grades, and prepare effectively for their exams.

Student Testimonials:

Zenith Education Studio is highly praised by its students, as evidenced by numerous testimonials:

  1. Jessica (JC Physics): "Duncan is a super caring teacher who puts his all into his students! He goes through content in depth beyond A-level content sometimes to spark our interest in physics. His enthusiasm in teaching is very infectious! Not only is he good at explaining concepts and going through questions, but he is also extremely patient and does not leave anyone behind in the classroom."
  2. Raygen Koh (JC Economics): "While Zenith’s notes are much better than my school's, it was truly my tutor who got me from a U to an A grade. He is someone I truly respect. Not only was he very approachable, but he also made sure that we really absorbed what we needed and was always willing to stay way past our lesson timings to clarify any of our questions."
  3. Clarence Loi (JC Biology): "After joining Zenith Bio, my grades improved drastically from an S to an A in A Levels! Bio is so much more than regurgitation and requires a firm understanding of the subject in order to ace A Levels. I was super glad that I was able to text my friendly tutor with any questions I had! Getting treated to welfare during bio lessons also really helped me to focus throughout the lesson."
  4. Sarah (JC General Paper): "Attending Zenith's General Paper tuition with my tutor Hui Ying was a game-changer for me. Zenith provided the structure I needed and introduced me to formulas for answering GP questions I didn't know existed. Their tactics, gradually instilled, became second nature, leading to marked improvement."
  5. Teo Kate (JC Chemistry): "With the huge academic transition to JC, I was unable to cope with my studies and constantly scored an S for my exams. After joining the crash courses held by Zenith in June, I decided to sign up for their chemistry class! My tutor is an extremely helpful teacher and his teachings were concise and easy to understand, which greatly helped me clear up any misconceptions I had."




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Zenith Education Studio – Leading Tuition Services Provider in Singapore 0 reviews

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