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Exceptional Car Grooming Services in Singapore | Amazing Glaze (AG5)

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AG5 & Co.
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Exceptional Car Grooming Services in Singapore | Amazing Glaze (AG5)

Company Name: Amazing Glaze (AG5)
Company UEN: 201831784K
Service Category: Car Grooming Services

Amazing Glaze (AG5), established in 1999, is a premier car grooming service provider based in Singapore. With over two decades of experience, AG5 has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality car care services. The company's mission is to restore, protect, and preserve the aesthetic and functional integrity of vehicles through state-of-the-art products and exceptional craftsmanship. AG5 prides itself on sourcing the best products and using cutting-edge technology to ensure customer satisfaction and vehicle longevity.

Company Services

AG5 offers a comprehensive range of car grooming services, each designed to enhance and protect your vehicle's appearance and value. Here’s a detailed look at their offerings:

  1. Ceramic Coating:
    • Product Used: Feynlab’s ceramic coating products.
    • Benefits: Provides superior paint protection, a lasting shine, and ease of maintenance.
    • Technology: Includes advanced self-healing properties that can repair minor scratches and maintain the car’s pristine look.
  2. Paint Protection Film (PPF):
    • Product Used: FlexiShield.
    • Benefits: Shields the car’s paint from physical damage, such as rock chips and scratches, ensuring the paint remains in top condition.
  3. Exterior Detailing:
    • Services: Thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing of the car’s exterior to enhance its shine and protection.
    • Products Used: High-quality brands like Menzerna for polishing.
  4. Interior Detailing:
    • Services: Deep cleaning of the car’s interior, including leather and fabric care, to maintain comfort and cleanliness.
    • Focus: Removes dirt, stains, and odors, and protects interior surfaces from wear and tear.
  5. Wheels & Caliber Coating:
    • Services: Specialized coatings to protect wheels and calibers from brake dust and road grime.
    • Benefits: Enhances the appearance and durability of the car’s wheels.
  6. PPF & Vinyl Coating:
    • Services: Additional protective coatings to safeguard the vehicle’s paint and vinyl surfaces from environmental damage.

Client Testimonials

  1. Anson: "Superb service. Highly recommended. One of the best ceramic coatings! Fast and responsible service from the team. Even the simple basic polishing and wax is amazing."
  2. Terence See: "Not the cheapest, but it’s worthwhile for the quality of service, honesty, reliability, and excellent outcome which is really second to none! I have been using AG5 for over 10 years and they have never disappointed."
  3. Thomas Ang: "Highly recommended by a friend. I was surprised at the 'magic' Amazing Glaze has done to my car. Not only my car looked brighter, but those hairline scratches were gone! Amazing indeed!"
  4. Colin Ong: "Found out this shop has been around for more than 17 years. The car looks better than showroom now and the price is very reasonable."

Amazing Glaze (AG5) stands out as a leader in car grooming services in Singapore. Their commitment to using top-tier products and providing meticulous care ensures that each vehicle they service is restored to its showroom shine. With a strong reputation built over decades and numerous satisfied clients, AG5 is the go-to choice for car owners looking to maintain their vehicle's pristine condition.



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