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Eastcom Systems: Telecom Expense Management Experts

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Eastcom Systems Pte Ltd
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Eastcom Systems: Telecom Expense Management Experts

Company Name: Eastcom Systems

Company UEN: 199201374D

Company Service Category: Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Eastcom Systems has been a pioneer in the telecom and energy sectors for over 20 years, delivering innovative solutions that help businesses reduce costs, maximize profitability, and enhance productivity. Their comprehensive suite of services is designed to provide real-time data monitoring and actionable insights, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions and achieve sustainable performance improvements.

Eastcom Systems Services in Detail:

Eastcom Systems offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. These services include:

Eastcom Systems

  1. TelCAAP (UC Call Management System): A unified communications solution that consolidates voice, video, and data usage, providing comprehensive call management capabilities.
  2. Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Allocation Package: This service helps businesses identify high-energy consumption devices and leakages, delivering actionable cost-saving insights.
  3. Enterprise Comprehensive Operations Management System: A robust system designed to streamline and optimize enterprise operations.
  4. MACD Manager (Move Add Change Delete Manager): A tool that simplifies the management of telecom assets and services, ensuring efficient handling of changes and updates.
  5. Enterprise Authentication Secured Server: A secure server solution that enhances the security and authentication processes within an organization.
  6. Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring System: A system that provides real-time monitoring and alerts for various operational parameters, ensuring prompt response to any issues.
  7. Costimiser - Communications Lifecycle Management: A lifecycle management tool that helps businesses manage their communication expenses effectively.
  8. Agent Innovative Monitoring System: A monitoring system that provides real-time visibility into agent performance and productivity.
  9. Customer-centric Bill Analytics Management: A solution that offers detailed bill analysis and management, helping businesses understand and control their telecom expenses.
  10. Global Recycling Interactive Pin-Management System: A system that promotes sustainability by managing the recycling of telecom assets.
  11. Grabber: Real-Time Data Visibility: A tool that provides real-time visibility into various operational metrics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.
  12. Mapper: Productivity Tool: A productivity tool that helps businesses map and optimize their processes for better efficiency.
  13. SWIFT Visitor Management System: A visitor management system that enhances security and efficiency in managing visitors.

Eastcom Systems stands out as a leader in the telecom expense management sector, offering a wide array of innovative solutions designed to enhance efficiency and profitability. With over two decades of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Eastcom Systems is the go-to choice for businesses looking to optimize their telecom and energy expenses. Contact them today to experience top-quality telecom expense management solutions.

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