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Nullspace Robotics & Coding Education: Leading STEM Enrichment in Singapore

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Nullspace Robotics
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Nullspace Robotics & Coding Education: Leading STEM Enrichment in Singapore

Company Name: Nullspace Robotics

Company UEN: 201309811C

Service Category: Robotics and Coding Education

Nullspace, established in 2008, is a pioneer in robotics and coding education in Singapore. Known for its comprehensive STEM enrichment programs, Nullspace aims to foster innovation and creativity among young learners. The company’s hands-on approach and well-rounded curriculum have made it a top choice for parents seeking quality tech education for their children.

STEM Education


Company Services

Nullspace offers a wide array of services focused on robotics and coding for children aged 6 to 16. These include:

  • Weekly Robotics and Coding Classes:

    Year-round programs such as STEM Little Explorer, STEM Explorer, Robotics Certificate Program, Inventor Certificate Program, and Data Analyst Certificate Program.

  • Holiday STEM Workshops:

    Special programs during school holidays including LEGO Technic, LEGO WeDo 2.0, Scratch, 3D Pen STEM Projects, and more.

  • School Training:

    Customised enrichment workshops, Competitive Robotics CCA Training, and Applied Learning Programs.

  • Corporate Training:

    Team-building activities and professional development programs using robotics and coding as tools.

Client Testimonials

  1. Jane T. - "Nullspace has ignited a passion for coding in my child. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging."
  2. Michael S. - "The holiday workshops are fantastic. My son always looks forward to them and learns something new every time."
  3. Sarah K. - "Their robotics programs are top-notch. My daughter’s problem-solving skills have improved immensely."
  4. David L. - "Highly recommend Nullspace for any parent looking to introduce their kids to tech. The team is great!"
  5. Emily R. - "My kids love the classes at Nullspace. The hands-on learning experience is unparalleled."

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Nullspace Robotics & Coding Education: Leading STEM Enrichment in Singapore 0 reviews

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